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Contemporary Issues: Research


Web Resources

Research Reminders

In the databases, select FULL-TEXT

Use the search operators:

  • AND
  • OR
  • "Quotation marks"

Remember to evaluate online sources!

  1. Does the article fit your topic?

  2. Do you understand what is being said?

  3. Did the article come from a credible source? Can you trust the claims that the author is making and does the author know what they’re talking about?

  4. What sort of vetting process did the article have to go through in order to be published?

  5. Just because someone is making an argument, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good argument. Look out for logical fallacies.


Logging in for the first time:

  1. Log into Clever (students, you can do this with your 4/3/2 and chromebook password). Clever is a chrome extension - if you don't see it in your extensions, click on the puzzle piece to expand your options.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the blue S icon that says Scrible Edu Pro
  3. It will prompt you to set up your account - your name & information should be pre-populated
  4. Once your account is set up, you are set! You can now access Scrible via the link directly, the Scrible Toolbar extension, and the Google add-on.